3 Room HDB Painting Services

This is the most common service among the Singaporeans because it is one of the most affordable packages. Also, the majority of people are living in a 3 HDB flat that makes the HDB 3 room painting services most suitable. Our company takes one to two days to complete the entire house painting. We have the best team in Singapore that will give you the best HDB 3 room painting services at affordable prices.

HDB 3 Room Painting Services

Cost of the Painting Service

The cost of the painting services depends on the number of rooms and the size of the house. Once you make the decision of painting a house, you can compare different process from different companies who offer this service. The overall price will be determined by the size of the project. Indoor painting is usually higher than the outdoor painting. Indoors painting requires heavy duty painting as compared to the outdoor painting. Also, the type of paint you choose will determine how much you will spend on preparation for the service. The HDB 3 room painting service is the most affordable, but it can become expensive according to the discussed factors.

The Type of Paint

We always advise our customers on the best type of paint to buy. Type of paint determines the longevity of the interior design. Some paints can be found at low prices, but they may not last long because of the composition. When it comes to interior design and renovating a house, the majority of the homeowners prefer paints that will last for long. Today, there are a lot of online stores that sell building products. You will need guidance in selecting the best store. We will help you choose the best at affordable prices to make sure that you will get the best out of the HDB 3 room painting service. All you need to do is to contact us today and get in touch with our team of professionals.

Calculating the Cost

After choosing the paint and the number of paint colors you prefer, our professionals help you with cost calculation. It is important to calculate the cost at the onset of the project to avoid financial challenges during the project. We have no hidden cost. The cost that will be calculated at the onset of the project will remain constant throughout the project. Calculating the entire cost helps you to raise enough money towards the project to avoid any financial difficulties.

In case of a DIY painting

If you would love to do an HDB DIY painting service, you will need to have the important skills to carry out the project. You can watch tutorials online to know more about the process. You need to know that DIY painting reduces the resale value of the house. Also, DIY may become very expensive because you would need to purchase the required tools and equipment for the process. You may take longer days to finish the entire project because you have a limited source of the task force. You do not have to spend your weekends doing this work. Also, you might not have sufficient skills to perfectly paint your indoor walls. Instead of going through this difficult moment, we encourage you to contact us for professional assistance. It will take us one to two days to complete the work. You will experience quality painting services with a two-year warranty offer.

You will need to Vacate your House for Few Days

HDB 3 room painting requires you to leave your house for few days. The importance of this is to allow the paint to dry and to take care of your health. The paint smells can cause respiratory infections and irritation that can be quite dangerous to your health. Leaving the house reduces the dangers of such risks. This is why you need to hire professionals who are licensed to avoid losing important assets in the house. HDB Painting Singapore is a trustworthy company, and you will not experience loss of properties and items in your house.

Our professionals guarantee you quality service and the right advice. We will make sure that the painting is done in a professional manner and accurately. You will not be responsible for any accidents because our team is insured. In case of any mistakes, the professionals will rectify without asking for additional payments. Contact us today to receive your quotation.