Executive HDB Painting Services

HDB executive painting services are for houses that are bigger than the 5 room HDB. The size of the executive HDB house ranges from 1,200Sqft to 1,400Sqft. If your house is larger than 5 room house, you can consider the HDB executive painting package. The cost of this service is variable. Different companies offer different prices, but you need to be aware of the HDB standard price to avoid fraud and overcharging incidences.

HDB Painting Singapore is the best contractor you can ever work with if you are housed by the HDB. Our team of professionals are well trained, fully experienced and are trustworthy. However, there some crucial factors that you need to know about HDB executive painting services.

What is the Cost of HDB Executive Painting Services?

The exact cost of the executive painting service will depend on the number of paint colors you choose and the type of paint. The more the colors you choose, the higher the price. Also, the size of the house determines the number of painting cans that will be needed to complete the painting project.

Indoor and outdoor painting have varying prices. Indoor painting cost is usually higher than the outdoor painting. It is because indoor painting requires more techniques and attentiveness to details. However, you should not worry about these factors because at HDB Painting Singapore we offer affordable packages. We also have professionals who will advise you on the best colors and paints to choose that will fit your budget.

The Type of Paint to use for the Project

There are different paints available in the market. The main types are water based and oil based paint. These two types have different advantaged and disadvantages. Water based paint is more expensive than the oil based paint because they are environmentally friendly and are easy to clean. They both last for long and will give you maximum service.

If the house is old, we encourage the homeowners to buy primers and sealers. Applying primers and sealers before applying the paint makes the paint to stick permanently on the wall because it protects the wall from moisture attack. If you want a long lasting HDB executive painting service, it is important to choose the right paint and incorporate primers and sealers. Our team of professionals is always ready to give you free advice on the best materials to buy for the painting project.

The Entire Cost of the HDB Executive Painting Project

This is an important factor for you to consider before signing any painting contract. After choosing the colors and the paint you prefer, you need to know the entire cost of the project. Beware of the companies that have the lowest price to attract customers and have hidden charges. You may end up paying for more than stated in the contract.

It is advisable for you to sit with the contractor and ask about the cost. Let the professional take you through all the charges involved in the project. A trustworthy company will not have any hidden charges. Ask questions about any charges and let the expert clarify every cost before the onset of the project. Also, you need to know about the payments. Know whether the payments are to be done by installments or the whole amount is paid at the beginning. Choose a payment plan that suits you best.

How long will the Project take?

Remember that you will need to vacate your house for the professionals to paint the house. It is not healthy for you to be present as the painting continues because the odor will irritate you and may cause asthma and cold related infections. Leaving your house for a few days to allow the paint to dry and the paint smell to reduce is beneficial to your health. Therefore, you need to know the number days you will need to vacate the house for the project to be completed.

While you are away, our team of professionals will take care of your properties. Contact us today to receive your quotation.