Maisonette HDB Painting Services

HDB maisonette is the largest of all the HDB houses. The area will range between 1,500Sqft and 1,650Sqft. It will take approximately four days to complete the project. Since the area is larger than the rest, you will need to hire a trained professional to handle the project. You cannot risk something going wrong for this project because it can cost you a lot of money. We encourage you to work with HDB licensed professionals like the HDB Painting Singapore.

There are numerous of HDB contractors who are available in Singapore. It is easy to locate them online by checking their websites. It is a lot of work to identify the best HDB painting service, provider. We have simple factors that you need to consider before hiring an HDB professional for the HDB maisonette painting services.

How long has the Company been providing the Service?

You need to know the experience of the painting service provider before signing the contract. Work experience is an important factor when it comes to choosing a professional. Contractors with many years of experience are the best to choose because they have a wide exposure to different theme and painting techniques. You will get the right advice on what paints to buy and what color to apply to the wall to make your interior house look exquisite. There is a wide range of color mixtures and themes to choose from that have not yet been explored.

Is the Company Professional?

In addition to checking on the work experience of the company, it is important to check on the professionalism. This is important because you will have to vacate your house for few days. Therefore, you need to be sure that once you are away, your property will be safe and there will be no thievery incidences. You can enquire about the previous customers and get their views. If you get more complaints than compliments, you need to focus on another company. A good company will have more positive reviews than the negative reviews.

Another way to know about the professionalism of the company is to check the licensing status. HDB painting service providers should have an active membership with the HDB. HDB regulates the prices and code of conduct of the HDB professionals and ensure that the customers are safe and receive quality services. It is not advisable to work with a contractor who does not have an active membership or licensed with the HDB.

Are the Contractors Insured?

Confirm whether the HDB painting service provider is insured and the insurance cover is active. Understand the terms and conditions of the insurance and know what exactly is covered by the insurance policy. There could be accidents during the project, and the insurance policy will protect you from experiencing possible losses. Do not risk to work with a contractor who does not have an insurance policy just because they are offering you the least of the HDB maisonette painting services charges. Take time and read the policy document before making any decision. Your safety is as important as receiving quality and high standard services.

What is your Budget?

HDB maisonette painting services occupy the largest area among the other HDB packages. Check your budget against what the company is offering to make an informed decision. Work closely with a professional who can give you the right advice and allow you to stick to your budget. It is difficult to have a house renovation under a budget that you cannot afford. This is not advisable because you may not have peace of mind throughout the project. You can use the HDB rates to set your budget and decide how much you would love to spend on the interior make over.

Final Verdict

Do not be in a hurry when looking for the best contractor to hire. Take your time and do your homework well until you are convinced that the company is competent enough to provide the service. Since there are many HDB painting services company in Singapore, we are confident that we are the best. Contact us today to get free advice and a suitable quotation for the HDB maisonette painting services. Our services come with a warranty offer that has to follow up activities to ensure that you get the best and long lasting painting services.